Cultural History of PaleoAsia

Scientific Research on Innovative Areas,
a MEXT Grant-in-Aid Project

2019 – 2020

Research Team A01:A chrono-spatial framework for the emergence of modern humans and their cultures in Asia
  • Atsushi Uemine
    “Reconsideration of denticulate lithic industries in East Asia around the modern human dispersal event”

  • Sadakatsu Kunitake
    The pursuit of the Initial Upper Paleolithic(IUP)industries in Central Asia

Research Team A02:Dynamism of human behavior during the dispersal of Homo sapiens into Asia
  • Takashi Nakazawa
    “Protein archaeological study of Paleolithic animal bones”

Research Team A03:Changing climate and resident-environment in the migrations and expansions of Homo sapiens across the continent of Asia
  • Nagayoshi Katsuta

  • Masako Yamane
    Establishing a protocol of effective radiocarbon dating for old samples of the Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition

Research Team B02:Mathematical modelling and analysis of cultural and behavioral changes through dispersal and settlement of human populations
  • Kohei Tamura
    “Visualization of Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Lithic Technologies in PaleoAsiaDB and Inference of Underlying Process of Cultural Diversity in PaleoAsia”

  • Hiroki Oota
    “A genome study of population diversity changes in transition from a hunting-gathering to an agricultural society”