Cultural History of PaleoAsia

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Symposium related our project: Perspectives on Prehistoric Cultural Evolution: From Archaeology to Behavioral Experiment(Aug. 07-08, 2017)

Schedule: August 07-08, 2017
Venue: AP Shinagawa

The modern study of cultural evolution, emerged around 1970’s, has attracted researchers from various fields and is increasingly widening its scope. Unlike the historical attempts at describing “metamorphoses” of societies under the rubric of evolution, the modern theory sees cultural evolution primarily as temporal changes in cultural variation within a population due to innovation and transmission between individuals. The endeavor to reconstruct cultural evolution in prehistoric societies is by nature interdisciplinary. Archaeology, among all, has the most direct access to records of past cultural evolution, which have been investigated within the analytical framework developed in evolutionary biology. A more recent move is toward behavioral experiments on individual-level learning biases, which are the fundamental drive of population-level cultural phenomena. This symposium emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the study and aims at providing the most recent developments in the related fields.

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