Cultural History of PaleoAsia

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We organized a session at the IPPA -Hue 2018 (Sep. 23-28, 2018)

Schedule: September 23-28, 2018
IPPA HUE 2018 (Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association 2018)

Session Title: The emergence and dispersal of Homo sapiens in Indo-Pacific region-digging down the regional diversity and processes in the Late Pleistocene

Yoshihiro Nishiaki (The University Museum, The University of Tokyo)
Chirs Clarkson (The Queensland University)
Rintaro Ono (Tokai University)
Atsushi Noguchi (The University Museum, The University of Tokyo)

New discoveries in ISEA and Australia shed light on the first arrival of modern humans in Indo- Pacific region. In this session we invite papers that consider evidence for modern human expansion, hominin interactions/replacements, early behavioural complexity, climate change, DNA and adaptation to new environments.

The PaleoAsia Cultural History Project organized the session “The Emergence and Dispersal of Homo sapiens in Indo-Pacific Region -Digging Down the Regional Diversity and Processes in the Late Pleistocene” (conveners: Yoshihiro Nishiaki (A01), Rintaro Ono (A01), Chris Clarkson (The Queensland Univ.) and Atsushi Noguchi (A01)) in the 23rd IPPA congress in September 23-28 2018 in Hue, Vietnam Hue. As the project member, Takuya Yamaoka (A01), Rikai Sawafuji (A01) as well as Rintaro Ono and Atsushi Noguchi gave papers with 5 other presenters from Russia, the United States, China, the Philippines and Austria. Papers given in the session discussed various archeological and anthropological evidences on the emergence and dispersal of Homo sapiens in wide area of Southeast Asia, Oceania and East Asia. Active discussions involving participants were held through the session. (Atsushi Noguchi, Nov 1, 2018)