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International Workshop “Early Civilizations from the Viewpoints of the Northeast Eurasian Prehistory: A New Perspective” (Nov. 4, 2019)

Schedule: Monday, 4th November 2019, 14:30-17:30
Venue: Seminar Room 3-4, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan

Scope: Jomon culture of the Japanese archipelago demonstrates early origin of sophisticated technologies (pottery), clear social differentiation, monumental complexes, large settlements, variety of art, and local peculiarities without conventional agriculture as economical foundation. It may provide a best example of an alternative model of early civilizations against the classical understanding. This workshop aims at reviewing and discussing the characteristics of Jomon and other “unconventional” prehistoric cultures in the northeast Eurasia and neighboring regions towards a new perspective of early civilizations. Experts and students of (but not limited to) archaeology, anthropology, paleoecology, and other related fields are encouraged to participate.

Moderator: Hideyuki Onishi (Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts)
14:30 Welcome & Introduction of Participants
14:45 Keynote “Neolithic Civilizations of Eurasia: Jomon, Japanese Archipelago – Origins, Early Stage, and Local Peculiarities”
Andrei Tabarev (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Science)
15:45 Comments & Discussion
– Timothy A. Kohler (Washington State University/RIHN)
– Yasuhisa Kondo (RIHN)
– Hisashi Nakao (Nanzan University)
17:30 Adjourn

18:30 Dinner

Language: English

Host: RIHN Open Team Science Project
Co-hosts: RSF Neolithic Civilizations of Eurasia Project, JSPS PaleoAsia and Out of Eurasia Projects

Contact: Hideyuki Onishi