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A new research article was published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. (A02: Rintaro Ono)

Title: Ancient genomes from the last three millennia support multiple human dispersals into Wallacea

Authors: S. Oliveira, K. Nägele, S. Carlhoff, I. Pugach, T. Koesbardiati, A. Hübner, M. Meyer, A.A. Oktaviana, M.Takenaka, C. Katagiri, D.B. Murti, R.S. Putri, Mahirta, F. Petchey, T. Higham, C.F.W. Higham, S. O’Connor, S. Hawkins, R. Kinaston, P. Bellwood, R. Ono, A. Powell, J. Krause, C, Posth, and M. Stoneking

Nature Ecology and Evolution : Published online 09 June 2022

(Open Access)