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Publication◆Göytepe – The Neolithic Excavations in the Middle Kura Valley, Azerbaijan. Oxford: Archaeopress. (Nishiaki, Y. and F. Guliyev eds.) (2020)

-Neolithic Excavations in the Middle Kura Valley, Azerbaijan

Nishiaki, Y. and F. Guliyev eds.(2020)

Göytepe: Neolithic Excavations in the Middle Kura Valley, Azerbaijan, publishes the first round of fieldwork and research (2008-2013) at this key site for understanding the emergence and development of food-producing communities in the South Caucasus. Situated close to the Fertile Crescent of Southwest Asia, where Neolithisation processes occurred earlier, research in the South Caucasus raises intriguing research questions, including issues of diffusion from the latter and interaction with ‘incoming’ Neolithic communities as well as the possibility of independent local Neolithisation processes. In order to address these issues in the South Caucasus, a joint Azerbaijan–Japan research programme was launched in 2008 to investigate Göytepe, one of the largest known Neolithic mounds in the South Caucasus. The results of the first phase of the project (2008-2013) presented here provide rich archaeological data from multi-disciplinary perspectives: chronology, architecture, technology, social organisation, and plant and animal exploitation, to name a few. This volume is the first to present these details in a single report of the South Caucasian Neolithic site using a high-resolution chronology based on dozens of radiocarbon dates.

Table of Contents:
Preface – Yoshihiro Nishiaki and Farhad Guliyev
Chapter 1: Introduction – Yoshihiro Nishiaki and Farhad Guliyev

Part I: Field Investigations
Chapter 2: Geomorphological settings of Göytepe – Yuichi Hayakawa
Chapter 3: Stratigraphy and architecture in the main excavation area of Göytepe – Yoshihiro Nishiaki, Farhad Guliyev, Fuad Hoseynov, and Kazuya Shimogama
Chapter 4: Excavation, stratigraphy, and architecture of Square 4B at Göytepe – Seiji Kadowaki, Yui Arimatsu, and Yoshihiro Nishiaki
Chapter 5: Soundings at the edges of Göytepe – Yoshihiro Nishiaki, Yui Arimatsu, and Saiji Arai
Chapter 6: Mud-bricks in Neolithic architecture at Göytepe – Yoshihiro Nishiaki, Farhad Guliyev, and Emmanuel Baudouin
Chapter 7: Geoarchaeological investigation of storage space at Göytepe: Phytolith, dung spherulite, and micromorphological analyses – Seiji Kadowaki, Lisa Maher, Marta Portillo, and Rosa M. Albert
Chapter 8: Archaeological reconnaissance survey around Göytepe, Tovuz-Qovlar region – Kazuya Shimogama and Valeh Alakbarov

Part II: Technology and Subsistence
Chapter 9: Neolithic flaked stone assemblages from Göytepe – Yoshihiro Nishiaki
Chapter 10: Use-wear analysis of chipped stone artifacts from Göytepe – Katsunori Takase
Chapter 11: Fracture wing analysis for identification of obsidian blank production techniques at Göytepe – Jun Takakura and Yoshihiro Nishiaki
Chapter 12: Neolithic ground stone typology and technology at Göytepe – Seiji Kadowaki
Chapter 13: Neolithic pottery from Göytepe – Yui Arimatsu (with an Appendix by Takahiro Odaka)
Chapter 14: Neolithic figurines from Göytepe – Kazuya Shimogama
Chapter 15: The Neolithic bone and antler industry from Göytepe – Saiji Arai
Chapter 16: Plant remains from Göytepe – Chie Akashi and Ken-ichi Tanno
Chapter 17: Faunal remains from Göytepe – Saiji Arai