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Publication◆Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe-The Archaeological Investigations of an Early Neolithic Settlement in West Azerbaijan. Berlin: ex oriente. (Nishiaki, Y., F. Gulliyev, and S. Kadowaki eds.) 2021

Contents List

-Yoshihiro Nishiaki and Farhad Guliyev

Chapter 1: Introduction
-Yoshihiro Nishiaki, Farhad Guliyev, and Seiji Kadowaki

Chapter 2: Excavations, occupational history, and built environments at Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe
-Seiji Kadowaki, Farhad Guliyev, Valeh Alakbarov, Takehiro Miki, Kazuya Shimogama, and Yoshihiro Nishiaki

Chapter 3: Neolithic chipped stone artifacts from Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe
-Seiji Kadowaki

Chapter 4: A reconstruction of Neolithic sickles from Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe-Yoshihiro Nishiaki

Chapter 5: Neolithic ground stone artifacts from Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe - Seiji Kadowaki

Chapter 6: Pottery from Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe -Takehiro Miki and Kazuya Shimogama

Chapter 7: Neolithic small fi nds from Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe-Takehiro Miki

Chapter 8: Neolithic bone tools and ornaments from Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe-Saiji Arai

Chapter 9: Macro-botanical remains from Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe - Chie Akashi

Chapter 10: Neolithic animal remains from Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe-Saiji Arai

Chapter 11: Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe, the Shomutepe Culture, and the Neolithic Southern Caucasus
-Yoshihiro Nishiaki and Farhad Guliyev

XÜLASƏ - Fərhad Quliyev and Yoşihiro Nişiyaki

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